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A Patient's Guide to Aerosol Drug Delivery - 4th Edition


Organization: American Association for Respiratory Care
Start Date: 06/2023
End Date: Ongoing
Primary Goal: Goal 1: Empower people with COPD, their families, and caregivers to recognize and reduce the burden of COPD.
Secondary Goal(s):
  • Goal 2: Improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of COPD by improving the quality of care delivered across the health care continuum.
  • Increase public awareness of the risk factors and symptoms of COPD so that earlier diagnosis of symptomatic individuals becomes the norm
  • Increase the effectiveness and variety of outreach communication campaigns and activities that utilize evidence-based approaches to raise awareness of COPD, particularly among those at high risk, and help people diagnosed with COPD manage the disease
  • Develop and encourage the use of a written, patient-centric COPD management plan tool, with appropriate cultural and health literacy considerations, which can be customized with input from the patient's health care provider(s)
Collaboration: Monaghan Medical inc.
Activity Type: Patient education, Material or product, Training

Activity Description

This aerosol delivery guide targeted for patients helps educate them on inhaled medications and the devices which deliver said medications. It is important for the patient to understand how these differing devices work, the frequency in which the medications must be taken and the breathing maneuver which must be employed when inhaling from said device.


General Audience: Patients
Focused Audience: Hispanic/Latino, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, African American/Black, Caucasian/White, Men, Women
Program Reach: National
Type of Area: Urban, Suburban, Rural
Setting: Online

Cost and Funding Sources

Funding Sources: ~ $12,000
Cost - < $5,000

Impact Analysis

Launching June 6, 2023

Advice or Lessons Learned


Contact Information

Doug Laher
American Association for Respiratory Care
Chief Operating Officer