COPD National Action Plan:
Community Action Tool
Discover the progress the COPD community has made toward implementing the goals and objectives in the COPD National Action Plan.

COPD Trends Brief


Organization: American Lung Association
Start Date: 11/2022
End Date: Ongoing
Primary Goal: Goal 3: Collect, analyze, report, and disseminate COPD-related public health data that drive change and track progress.
Secondary Goal(s):
  • Facilitate dissemination of data and analyses. Report the prevalence of COPD in accordance with the requirements of public health and health care organizations
Collaboration: We worked alone
Activity Type: Policy/advocacy

Activity Description

COPD affects 12.5 million adults and accounts for millions of emergency department visits and tens of billions in healthcare costs each year. This report presents descriptions, figures, and links to more detailed tables on trends and current patterns of the burden of COPD. Contributes to Goal 3: facilitate dissemination of data.


General Audience: Patients, Caregivers or family members, At-risk populations, General public, Health professionals, Employers, Researchers, Policymakers/advocates
Focused Audience: Hispanic/Latino, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, African American/Black, Caucasian/White, Men, Women
Program Reach: National
Type of Area: Urban, Suburban, Rural
Setting: Online

Cost and Funding Sources

Impact Analysis

As of 11/2022, the report has had over 6000 pageviews

Advice or Lessons Learned

Coordinate a marketing plan to help promote data. Plan may include social media posts and e-communication blurbs/articles.

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Contact Information

Nicole Goldsboro
American Lung Association
National Director, Health Promotions, Lung Disease Programs