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COPD Awareness Month 2021


Organization: American Lung Association
Start Date: 11/2021
End Date: 11/2021
Primary Goal: Goal 2: Improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of COPD by improving the quality of care delivered across the health care continuum.
Secondary Goal(s):
  • Develop a unified, multidisciplinary educational curriculum for health care professionals, including primary health care providers, using harmonized clinical practice guidelines
Collaboration: external partners that used the social media tool kit include AL Primary Healthcare Association and KY Office of Rural Health
Activity Type: Provider education

Activity Description

During November, to recognize COPD Awareness Month, the American Lung Association spread awareness about COPD and the Reaching Rural Providers Initiative through multiple media channels. These efforts included a national and state specific (KY, TN, AL, MS, IN, and WV) news releases and internal and external partners social media toolkits. The media outreach for the news releases resulted in 16 media placements and the organic media outreach resulted in 1.68 million media impressions.


General Audience: Health professionals
Focused Audience: n/a
Program Reach: National, State: Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virginia
Type of Area: Rural
Setting: Online

Cost and Funding Sources

staff time to develop news releases and social media tool kit.

Impact Analysis

Results: Our media outreach resulted in 16 media placements, which includes channels owned by the American Lung Association. This organic media outreached resulted in 1.68 million media impressions for the program.

Advice or Lessons Learned

Use existing partnerships to help amplify your message

Contact Information

Nicole Goldsboro
American Lung Association
National Manager, Lung Disease Programs