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Coping with Stress in Difficult Times Webinar


Organization: US COPD Coalition
Start Date: 06/2020
End Date: 06/2020
Primary Goal: Goal 1: Empower people with COPD, their families, and caregivers to recognize and reduce the burden of COPD.
Secondary Goal(s):
  • Increase public awareness of the risk factors and symptoms of COPD so that earlier diagnosis of symptomatic individuals becomes the norm
  • Increase the effectiveness and variety of outreach communication campaigns and activities that utilize evidence-based approaches to raise awareness of COPD, particularly among those at high risk, and help people diagnosed with COPD manage the disease
  • Expand opportunities to increase COPD awareness across the public-private spectrum
Collaboration: Arpi Minassian, Ph.D. - Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Chief, Psychiatry Embedded Services, UC San Diego Department of Psychiatry
Activity Type: Patient education, Provider education

Activity Description

Having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is stressful. This is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar featured Arpi, Minassian, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who is an attending clinician in the UC San Diego Health System. Dr. Minassian discussed ways to help attendees learn more about stress and where it comes from, as well has how to recognize signs of stress and anxiety. She discussed tips for how to cope with emotional distress related to chronic medical conditions like COPD, as well as the difficult times we are all facing.


General Audience: Patients, Caregivers or family members, Health professionals
Focused Audience: n/a
Program Reach: National
Type of Area: Urban, Suburban, Rural
Setting: Online

Cost and Funding Sources

Minimal cost, as all speakers volunteered their time.

Impact Analysis

Sixty-eight (68) individuals registered for the live webinar. The recording of the webinar has had an addition 32 views to date.

Advice or Lessons Learned

Encourage participants to submit questions in writing in advance and during the webinar. Doing so allowed the participants to get their questions answered, while also keeping the flow of the webinar consistent, as the speakers did not have to stop to answer questions in real time. Answers to any questions that were not answered live due to time constraints were posted on the USCC website, along with a video recording of the webinar.

Contact Information

Keith Siegel, MBA, RRT, CPFT, FAARC
US COPD Coalition
Executive Director