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Adult Lung Health Workshops


Organization: Emphysema Foundation of America
Start Date: 07/2021
End Date: Ongoing
Primary Goal: Goal 1: Empower people with COPD, their families, and caregivers to recognize and reduce the burden of COPD.
Secondary Goal(s):
  • Increase public awareness of the risk factors and symptoms of COPD so that earlier diagnosis of symptomatic individuals becomes the norm
  • Expand opportunities to increase COPD awareness across the public-private spectrum
Collaboration: We worked alone
Activity Type: Patient education

Activity Description

Emphysema Foundation of America's Adult Lung Health Workshop offers adults and seniors a lung screening capacity test by a Registered Respiratory Therapist and provides lung health and wellness information to encourage healthier lifestyle habits and seek appropriate care earlier.

Program's Goal:
An ability to identify risk factors and triggers for common lung diseases related to smoking, airborne environments, and indoor toxins.
Greater awareness of COPD risks.
Greater motivation to advocate for quality care services for themselves and their community.
Reduction in ER visits and hospital admission rates due to COPD and Asthma-related symptoms.


General Audience: Patients, Caregivers or family members, At-risk populations, General public
Focused Audience: Hispanic/Latino, Asian or Pacific Islander, African American/Black, Caucasian/White, Men, Women
Program Reach: National, Local: Southern California
Type of Area: Urban, Suburban, Rural
Setting: Community, Health care, Online

Cost and Funding Sources

Impact Analysis

76% of participants identify three risk factors for Chronic Lung Disease
54% of participants could identify one way they could promote environmental stewardship in their community
59% of participants expressed interest in joining a COPD support group

Advice or Lessons Learned

Be creative with organizations that you can partner with.

Contact Information

Gilmar Flores
Emphysema Foundation of America
Senior Manager of Programs & Research